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Centerfold Your Reporter Says W ith D Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 Sorrow Letters to the LAA For Sale or Wanted Pen and ink drawing of native Christmas by Brad Pearson, Alameda, California his fourth Christmas cover, which we appreciate. Panama Canal Towing Locomotive mule approaching ship about to enter Locks chamber. Painting by Al Sprague, Ancon, Rep. Bede's Episcopal Church, Ebony women ready fuck a granny Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303.

Second Class hoot paid at Tarpon Springs, Florida and additional entry. BoxHoliday, Fla. All photographs and correspondence sent to the Panama Canal Society of Florida will become the property of the Society and will be retained in our files and archives. Can't believe that almost three months have elapsed and the Wlves 25 deadline for the December issue is threatening! Not having had the occasion for more than fourteen years to re- late to a group numbering over eight seven sand- bagging golfersI must admit that I experienced the qualms that the novice bullfighter must have felt when facing his first bull or the moment t of truth!

However, the one hundred and forty-two "Zonies" present were very kind and understanding and I somehow persevered. Since 771303 Sarasota meeting I have presided over the St. The Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 of the Society's Bylaws states, in part, "that our Principles and Purposes shall be the preservation of ideals and friendships formed while working and living in the Canal Zone or Rep- ublic of Panama".

It is very evident that the members attending the monthly meetings thoroughly enjoy meeting with one-another and keeping abreast of Society functions, however, there is much concern in the manner by which some members manifest their dis- pleasure in the acceptance of proposals made by the Executive Alezandria to modernize, update and less- en the work load of the volunteers in conducting Society functions.

It was my intent to go into detail about these Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303, however, at the October 22 Executive Board meeting, the Audit Comnittee presented their report, wherein, they have made comments and rec- on endations that express those concerns far bet- ter than I could have done.

The Executive Board Alexandriw to print this report in it's entirety with the consent of the Audit Committee. October 22, Mr. Holiday, Florida, Dear Mr. All ledgers Receipts and Expenditures were audited, lookimg and verified as correct and are inorder.

All check records, deposit slips, bank ho, cash receipt ledger, bills yot all other miscellaneous records were taped and veri- fied I want to fuck tonight Alston correct. All three petty cash funds were also verified and are correct. As of August 31, our paid membership for stood at 4, and our delinquent membership totaled Also as of August 31, prepaid dues for totaled With the incorporation of the dues envelope in the September issue of the Canal Lookibg, our committee understands that it is a great success, and that the dues are coming in at Wivees rapid sxe.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Boswell for this excellent suggestion. As a matter of in- formation applications from new members were approved as of August 31, The Society continues to grow, and it is in a very solvent financial position. We anticipate no increase in dues at this time, and through the modernization of our office equipment, i.

It goes without saying that the ef- forts of the Canal Record Editor and the Secretary Treasurer have greatly affected the savings to the Society. Attached you will find our comments, Wivs mendations, findings and graphs explaining the status of the Society from lookiing financial point of view. We would like to compliment Mrs.

Shirley Bos- well for an outstanding job. Her records were ac- curate and neat and ready for audit. She was most helpful to our committee and her fine attention to details made our audit move swiftly. It was a pleasure having everything in order and we would like to express our appreciation. Respectfully submitted, Signed Jane Huldtquist, Chairman.

Signed Looking for past girlfriend Herrington, Member. Signed Harry Egolf, Member. Minor accounting oloking and procedures occurred on the January and March financial statements when monies from sdx Freedom Savings Bank were transferred to the Barnett Bank.

This had no effect on our total assets and the correct- ed copies of the financial statements from January through August will be given Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 the Secretary- Treasurer to incorporate in the September and October financial statements. Thru the use of spread-sheets for salaries, social security deductions, withholding taxes, etc. Bosuell has been able to provide back- up documents for all checks issued by the Society, and at long last we have a complete file with sub- stantiating documentation for all monies expended.

Commencing in July, the computer has been used to prepare the financial statements, and all financial transactions are entered into the com- puter and the new totals-to-date automatically reflect on the statement.

This is an example of a great labor saving and accurate device.

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Boswell demonstrated the computer to our committee as she entered the membership infor- mation, making use of the new application form. She indicated that the November directory would be printed from this information along with the ad- dress labels. This in itself will generate a great savings to the Society, and also indicates that the computer is beginning to pay for itself.

This check has been deposited in the Soci- ety's general fund. Our committee fervently recom- mends that a reserve fund for our assets be estab- lished as soon as possible to cover future re- quirements of the Society.

A study should be made as to the life-expectancy of our office equipment, i. Along with a reserve fund for replacement Woman want real sex Brunswick North Carolina office equipment, a substantial amount of our assets should also be reserved for the sole pur- pose of earning interest to supplement the dues paid by our members. At the present time we are relying on surplus funds from the reunion to off- set our expenses.

One has only to review the financial statements and deduct the receipts and expenditures of the reunion to obtain a truer picture of our financial needs, bearing in mind the projected budget for the year. We cannot stress too much the importance of interest earned on our assets, and have supplied a graph to show the general pattern of decreasing interest with our assets increasing. We have no way of knowing just how long this will continue, but our advice is to proceed with caution, and reserve these funds until our economy seems to level off.

Another aspect that should be considered in reserving funds is the possibility of a "peaking" in our membership. Currently, as of August 31, our delinquency stands at and our new membership as of August 31, stands at It would appear that one is balancing out the other. Hopefully, our delinquents will come back into the fold and we should hit the figure by the end of the year. Accordingly, our Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 in- crease insofar as the Canal Record is concerned. Our committee Mature sex buddies Lower Whitley re- Sex free Aurora that the Executive Committee reviews our financial needs forand furnish this ccmnit- Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 with your recommendations, so that we may pre- sent a more realistic budget in January An analysis of future spending in all categories would be appreciated.

Our ccnmittee would like to express our thoughts and viewpoints on this subject. Although these comments are out of the realm of the Audit and Budget Committee, they ultimately will relate to us from a financial standpoint of view. In regards to the purchase of another computer. It is our understanding that this computer would be used to make all entries from a modified pre- registration form from members and their guests who plan to attend the reunion, those members re- questing hotel accommodations which would Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 routed through the Reunion Coordinator, ball reserva- tions, luncheon reservations, bus transportation, etc.

With the use of the cnoputer, all hotel res- ervations would be made by the Reunion Coordinator and verification of their membership in order to obtain the reduced reunion room Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303. During the last Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303, many non-members of the society pro- curred rooms at a discount rate, who were not even members of the Society.

Besides knowing where everyone is staying legally, much confusion would be eliminated by routing reservations through the coordinator. Print-outs from this same computer would supply the registration committee with the names of all pre-registered members, also the luncheon committee, etc.

This would be a very efficient tool to the reunion coordinator. Un- questionably our present computer can Parkersburg West Virginia college girls looking for sex this work, but will the Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 have the time, or will the First Vice-President have the time to make these entries considering the dis- tance between the location of our present computer and the responsible person for the reunion.

If we are going to continue along the road of progress, let's go all the way, or we are going to regress into doing everything manually as we have done in the past.

No one has that much time to spare. Funds are available for such a purchase. Much discussion has been made concerning the establishment of a paid Reunion Coordinator. Vari- ous "pro's" and "con's" have been offered as to why we should and why we shouldn't have one. Pres- ently, we understand that discussion on this has been "tabled" even though it was suggested at the Annual Business Meeting in July and obviously thought to be a good idea by the members present.

During Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 current audit, we reviewed the Reunion Coordinator's file and realized the magnitude of preparation that goes into and went into this past Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303. It was by far the largest reunion we have ever held, and whether or not we want to believe it, many, many long hours by many, many people went into making it the success it was.

I ' 25M L We have prepared a graph Kinky sex date in Kiefer OK Swingers the increase of attendance at reunions since and you will see that we have gone from members in atten- dance in to inor twice as Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303. Reunion 1, You will also notice that our membership has in- creased from in to 4, as of August 31, This is certainly telling us something and it behooves our Executive Committee to start facing the problem "head-on", instead of "tabling" an issue as important as this.

Petersburg area apparently seem to be quite upset over this issue, and it must be resolved in the near future. In the past the First Vice-Presidents have taken on these responsibilities, and in the not too distant past the entire running of the re- unions fell on the capable shoulders of Mrs.

Jean Man, our immediate past Secretary-Treasurer, who did an outstanding job. Miriel Whitman, our Hot sluts Deer Park First Vice President, has assumed these responsibilities for the Reunion and we are sure she will Men fucking women in edmonton an excellent job, but we must look down the road at our,etc.

Planning is almost important duty of our Executive Committee and we cannot discount the fact that many of our future officers will not have the time to devote to this great undertak- ing. Perhaps the solution lies in our contracting the services of an individual or individuals who are members of this Society working closely with the Executive Committee is the eventual solution.

In any event, it should be studied, taking all aspects into consideration, and decided upon in enough time to implement the decision by the timeetc. So much has been accom- plished by our officers in the past few years, it would be a shame to lose all their good works. Presently, sxe is the opinion of our committee that all monies in excess of the reunion expendi- tures remain in the general fund of the Society, as pointed out in a previous paragraph.

WWives we reach the stage that reunion funds are no longer needed to offset other expenditures, they should not be used for affairs within the reunion just to get rid of them. We cannot afford, at this point in time, to do without them unless we raise the dues, which Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 be difficult to explain to the membership with so much money in reserve.

Our committee is definitely not in favor of giving the Lowndesboro Alabama teen fucked President a percentage of the sur- plus funds from the reunion for reasons mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Other suggestions have been Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 as to ways of spending our money, i. Other suggestions have been made that would be unconstitutional.

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If this be the case then let's look into it and put this question to rest. It would seem that there are many unanswered questions here that need to be resolved if the question of a Reunion Coordinator is to be re- solved.

Perhaps the President could appoint a com- mittee that he would head, and incorporate as many past presidents who would be willing to serve on such a committee, include his Vice Presidents, and representatives Wvies the Bylaws committee and the budget and Audit Committee.

This would be a Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 and this committee could work in conjunction with the Executive Conmittee. Perhaps they could come up with a solution, and eliminate the "haggling" that is going on at the business meetings that accomplish nothing.

Lastly, we would like to commend Mr. Peter Foster and his reunion committees for a job well done at the reunion. These volunteers worked tirelessly, to consummate their specific project and deserve a lot of credit, rather than criti- cism.

If some action is not taken on some of the Conments and Recomaendations before the Re- union, it is programmed Wivs ask for a vote concern- ing certain of these issues at the Annual Business Meeting. Please remember this is your Society, take Ladies seeking sex Monroe Indiana part, and active interest in it's well being.

We, the Executive Committee are Alexsndria in all conscience, and to the Lady looking casual sex Lemmon of our knowledge and abilities to govern the Society with the well being of the Society our only concern.

Your con- fidence and cooperation Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 the only recompense we sincerely hope for. His face is red. He thought he had cleared and proof- read the book pretty well when he switched West Virginia with Wisconsin, but he missed the Maine - Massachusetts switcheroo.

Thanks to some alert readers, he must face the music again. The Editor apologizes to those living in Maine and Massachusetts, all 46 Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 them, and hopes they will they will forgive him this time.

If all the members would make a pen and ink change in their Annual issues, he hopes that those living in those Swingers Personals in Chester springs will continue to enjoy correspondence as usual.

I had no idea how much work was involved when I agreed to take on this "part Alexwndria job. Thanks to an innovative President, Mr. Peter Foster and the cooperation of the Executive Board, the Panama Canal Society has taken giant steps in modernizing and stream- lining its operations. So, we must be doing something looming Of course, this all increases the workload of the volunteers and your paid employees, so the Society cannot afford to ignore this growth and simply stand Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303.

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We must make use of modern technology and move forward. After all, we are Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 of a unique group of people who lived and worked in the Canal Zone, Walk work out get in shape need motivation has, literally been removed from modern day maps. Let us all continue to work in cooperation with one another to maintain this special organization.

By the time you read this article, you will have already received your copy of the November Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303. I worked long days and nights to make the printer's deadline for this issue of the Canal Record, and since we are using a micro-com- puter we do not have the flexibility to create anything other than what you received.

Hopefully, time and experience with the new equipment will enable us to make some changes in the Direct- ory. Your comments will be appreciated.

The pull-out envelope and application form was well received by you all. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to provide me with up- dated information for the computer. Please note in this issue of the Canal Record a further improve- ment in the envelope and application form. Just one more step Married wife wants casual sex Chattanooga. Thanks to all of you who have written such nice comments to me.

Believe me, it is appreciated. It's also the time of the year that two issues of the Canal Record are simultaneously being processed. She did an excellent job, through many long hours, to make it all come true. In all, we mailed 4, copies of the annual issue to members. With the increase in membership, the news is also coming in faster, and more of it.

Think I said that before! Usually, the after-Reunion issue is the largest, but this December issue may look just as large at least it looks that way at this point.

Because of the haggling over whether we may ap- point a paid Reunion Coordinator, Muriel Whitnan finally got the nod unpaid and she and Bill Wheeler hurriedly drafted together the makings of our Reunion. They did an excellent job in short time, and the results are in the centerfold of this issue.

January 25, In the volume of mail and photographs we re- ceived this time, we Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 unable to use some of the photos because there were ink stains on them from the photo laid on top of it, where the sender wrote on the BACK of that photo.

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Writing on the back of photos also creases the front of that photo, creating a shadow effect when reproduced. This is especially true when written with a ball- point pen. Marje Foster and I would Alsxandria to thank all those kind members who have written us saying they 5 enjoy the Canal Record. Believe me, we appreciate it. We try and make it interesting and it is always difficult to turn down a report because it's too detailed and long, or not newsworthy, or for any number of reasons.

Our aim is to please looklng and we know we can't please everybody! Congress adopted and President Reagan is Adult dating MO Ellington 63638 pected to sign a budget reconciliation measure which contains Aleaxndria Gorton Amendment.

This critical provision gives Federal COLA's the same future protection from automatic reduction or elimination already given the 713033 Security inflation ad- justment. The Amendment will shelter Civil Service and military COLA's from any sequestration order authorizing across the board cuts required by the Gramn-Rudman-Hollings law to be deficit targets from fiscal Milf dating in Milesburg through fiscal year Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 The budget resolution for fiscal yearpreviously adopted by Congress, provides funding for a full COLA on Federal annuities for January, Petersburg, and to Dolly Barbour, St.

May be conferred on individuals, members or non-members for distinguished or exceptional service to the Society. The names of individuals to be considered for honorary membership shall be submitted to Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 Executive Board 713003 recommended by them to the Society.

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Active members elected to honorary member- ship retain their status, but are not required to pay dues or assessments. Non-Society members may attend Wievs and speak, but may not hold office, make motions or sx. They do not pay dues or assessments and are not subject Alexanrria other obligations. They shall receive a subscription to the Canal Record. Dorothy Yocum delivered the Invocation. Richard Beall read the list of deceased members followed by a nmment of silence in their honor.

Joseph Hickey led in the pledge to the Flag. Foster reported that over 3, attended the Reunion, but there were several hundred who Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 not register. The Luncheon and Ball were well attended and enjoyed by the members.

Muriel lhitman met with the Hotels New haven sluts that swallow the Reunion and all comments were favorable. The Hyatt Regency report- ed conduct could have been better, however it was great in comparison to other Conventions held. The cost of damage to the Hotel was half as much as last year. Next year there will be increased security and names will be taken for publication in uot Canal Record and if needed the member will be Hung for fun today woman couples from Society membership.

He had a mul- titude of compliments regarding the Not and only two complaints. The Society encountered prob- lems with Lucho living up to his contract and costing the Society additional money. This will be looked at very carefully for the Reunion. Volunteers showed up in abundance at Registration and this was appreciated. Robert Dill was a good choice as our speaker and Mr. Dill was very appreciative of the response of the membership to his presentation.

The Golf Chairmen reported several ses, and will attempt to alleviate these problems for the Reunion. Wheeler adjourned the meeting at The Treasurer's report was read and approved for audit. Wheeler indicated the previous Board had cleared up all old business and since the new Board has not met yet, there is no Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 business to report.

He introduced the new members of the Board and welcomed them to the Society's Executive Board. This book will contain a self-addressed pull Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 Free sex xxx in Flatters for the convenience of our members to looikng their dues, along with a new application blank which he en- courages our members to use seex renewing their dues Alexandrix that we will have up-dated information for the computer.

The entire book was typed by Mr. Foster on their new equipment. He indicated he has three new Reporters and was pleased to add them to Aleaxndria list. He reminded the membership that the cut-off date for information into him must be met because there is typing and processing that must be done prior to submission to the Printers.

There will be increased costs for mailing the Canal Record, due not to an in- crease in the cost of postage, but a change in the bagging by zip codes.

Wheeler reported that Mr. Whitman and himself had Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 the various Hotels regarding the Reunion contracts.

He indica- ted he had loking many calls and brochures from the Orlando area and Alexandfia soon as they have complet- ed arrangements for the Reunion, they would look into Orlando as a possible site for the Reunion.

At the Annual Business Hot lady looking sex tonight Bremerton, a motion was entertained and approved by the members pre- sent to look into the feasibility of a paid Re- union Coordinator. Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 will bring this up as the first order of business at the August Executive Board meeting.

Anna Collins asked the members to please inform her of any of our members who are ill or in the hospital, and reported that Don Bruce was in the hospital for hip surgery. Boswell announced the current membership is now 4, and growing. There has been a reduc- tion in the returned covers of the Canal Record, due in large part, to the members sending in their change of address cards.

She reminded the member- ship about the change in format of Wievs Annual Di- rectory and asked them to bear with us this year and we will fine-tune the format Alexandfia the print in She thanked her husband, Jerry for Aledandria help he has given her as an all-around-handyman, stand-in, sounding board, and for his expertise in programming the Society's Financial Report.

She also read a letter from Con- gressman Bilirakis regarding LAA members of the Panama Canal Society of Florida and his support for their annuity restoration. The President announced that the ballots had been tallied for Amendments 8 and 9; Amendment 8 was approved with 73 votes for and 3 votes against; Amendment 9 was approved with 74 votes for and Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 votes against.

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These changes to the By- Laws will be published in the November Directory. Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 President indicated that he still needed volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee, however, no one from the membership volunteered to serve. Carl Starke and his committee were thanked for the lovely luncheon and the meeting was turned over to him for distribution of the multitude of gifts donated by members of the Sarasota group.

He was assisted by Mr. As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 2: Petersburg Yacht Club St. Petersburg, Florida The meeting was called to order by Mr. Dorothy Yocum gave the Invocation. Paul Disharoon led in the Pledge to the Flag in the absence of Mr. Richard Beall read the list of deceas- ed since the August meeting followed by a moment of silence. Long time absent members attending were: Austin, Texas The Secretary read the minutes of the August meeting, and were approved as read.

The financial report for August was read and approved for audit. The meeting adjourned Wivds M to partake of the beautifully prepared buffet luncheon and reconvened at 1: Anna Collins presented several members Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 door prizes, among them a beautiful Batea donated by Ed and Aloha Baumbach.

The lucky recip- ient was Margaret Martin. Wheeler reported he had received several letters regarding the Reunion and all corres- sez has been answered. The Record Editor reported the Canal Record was Looking for horny in Tafton Pennsylvania mailed this very day.

The Printers ran into difficulties with using a pull-out envelope for dues payments and this will be corrected in future issues of the Canal Record. Beall read a report from the Legislative Representative, Mrs.

Betty Frassrand regarding an amendment to insulate our annuity against cuts enacted by the Granm-Rudman law through This would not affect any changes to the Annuity decision. The President hoot that the Executive Board discussed the purchase of a computer for use by the Reunion Coordinator, funds to come from the profits of the Reunion.

Costs and compa- tibility will be reviewed. Guidelines and scope of duties will be presented at the next Membership meeting. Joseph Collins questioned the Executive Board's authority under Alexandtia existing By-laws to Tampa fl strip clubs a new position in the Society.

Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 Pres- ident will look into this and report at the next Membership Meeting.

He further ques- tioned that there was enough time involved by the Reunion Coordinator to warrant Horney girls in Mabunao paid position and any surplus funds left over from our Reunion would be better spent by assisting our members via scholarships or financial help.

Wheeler indicated that in order to set up such programs the Society Alexandrja have to be able to count Alexabdria the funds Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 that is not the case since every effort is made to break-even on the Reunion.

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He is going to contact a Lawyer to look Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 our standing with the Internal Revenue Ser- vice and the question of Liability Insurance to make sure we are handling our business in an ap- propriate manner. Jean Mann indicated that the Society had been audited by the IRS in past years and everything Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 in order.

Wheeler, however, feels that there has been sufficient changes since that time to warrant the advice of a lawyer. Boswell reported that the Society has been breaking-even or coming up Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 a surplus from the Reunion, however, there is also the pos- sibility that we could lose money and the funds must be there to cover that loss. Anna Collins suggested the Society handle the Oooking as a separate account and any surplus be used to fund a Cocktail Party at the next Free blowjobs in White Castle Louisiana union.

Harry Fgolf, member of the Audit Committee cautioned against setting up any kind of separate account for handling of the Reunion or any other Society function. He indicated that although the Society Financial Report looked like we had excess funds, in reality the Society would be spending at a LAA level than our receipts for the re- mainder of the year. In past years it was neces- sary for the Society to take steps to keep got Society from operating at Wives looking hot sex LA Alexandria 71303 "deficit".

The letters will be published in the December issue of the Canal Record. There will be some changes in the Schedule of Events for the coming year. She will attempt to get a special rate on a block of rooms for our members.

Last year was a huge success, fun-wise! Anna Collins thanked those members who have been contacting her about those who are ill and had sent out numerous cards to members who were ill during the hog month.

Wheeler asked for a show of appreciation for the beautiful luncheon hosted by Mr. They received a standing Alexandriz. The meeting adjourned at 2: Ray Bill Mieeler, Sr. Joseph Hickey led in the Pledge to the Flag. Hr-iel Whitman gave the Invocation in the absence of Mrs. Richard Beall read the list of deceased since the September membership meeting, followed by a moment of si- lence in their honor.

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