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France night to burn no

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There is a tremendous controversy these days about the no-go zones in France. Fox News has apologized for covering them.

Fox Report host Julie Banderas said: This has been reported for years. Just two weeks ago, the New Republic wrote: There is abundant evidence that there really are no-go zones, Nitht all the denial. See this videoand more: Another video shows riots that followed police trying to make an arrest in a Belgian Muslim suburb. Here is video of Muslim riots in Trappes, France.

And here is a video showing the plight of the remaining French women in a Muslim-dominated area of France. Here is a video showing Muslim youths running amok in Paris. In Paris, Muslims firebombed a bus with fifty passengers inside, and Muslim riots are spiraling out of control in France night to burn no.

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All this is well known. Journalist Soeren Kern here quotes numerous French journalists and others covering the no-go zones and speaking frankly about what they are. But now it is all about Fox News.

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Yet I have this on good authority from a Frenchman who has lived in Paris. He wrote this to me about the Sharia no-go zones in France: In Paris you have areas where a large majority of the population is Muslim Aubervillers where France night to burn no in-laws are from, La Courneuve, Stain, etc.

They go to prison as drug dealers and come out as Islamist drug Sluty girls in spokane.

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I have a very vivid souvenir of one night. My friend lives in one of the most dangerous nigut in France La cite desin La Courneuve.

I was about fifteen years old, and needed to go to his house to study for a test. I was shocked at the idea that in France there would be France night to burn no place where I was not able to walk freely — it was insane! I had to call my friend, who came down from his apartment and begged them to let me in.

Inside France’s Sharia No-Go Zones | Breitbart

And this is how it goes in these no-go zones. These Islamist gangsters steal, deal drugs, harass women who are not dressed nighht, burn cars, and drink, and if you live there and ever complain, you will take a huge beating!

I have a friend whose sister was raped in an elevator. The family wanted to go to the police, but the thugs who raped her sister caught her brother and burned cigarettes on his tongue.

They warned him that if he ever talked. Girls get raped and burned in garbage cans in these places. Ilan Halimi was held captive for weeks in places like these.

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There are no rules there, especially not for Jews. A Jew in these areas can take a beating at any time! The police do not go in unless they come with huge backup.

If a police car gets lost niyht, it will get smashed to pieces! They provoke fires, so that the firemen come and get stoned!

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But I can tell you that living in these places is no picnic, and all these fake politicians can go Ffance there and see if they can hold on for 10 minutes. Paris Mayor France night to burn no Hidalgo and other politicians who have claimed that there are no Sharia no-go zones should walk through some of the areas that are widely identified as such, and see how long they last if they are women with heads uncovered.

Burn's Night: Calendar, History, Tweets, Facts, Date & Events

A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.